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Area Overview

The Okanagan is nothing if not uncommon. Also, at Canyon Ridge, it's at your extremely doorstep.
Take a morning trek through the Powers Creek Canyon, where the trail starts at your home, winding through forested territory to uncover amazing vistas of the promontory. Play a round of golf at Shannon Lake or Vintage Hills fairways, or take the vessel for a twist from the Westbank Yacht Club.
Head to the Capitol 6 Theater at Westbank Shopping Center for an evening early showing. Scan the daily paper over a tall latte at Starbucks, or visit the Westbank Library to locate a spellbinding read. Attempt the low effect vigorous exercise class you've been promising yourself at the Westbank Community Center, or make a sprinkle in aquasize at the Johnson Bentley Aquatic Center.
So much to do …finally, time to do it.